Halloween Costume Contest at Rock the Shot {Orange County Photographer}


I was so excited to see that the new Rock the Shot photo challenge was Halloween Costumes this month. These are my kids in their Halloween costumes and this was a shoot I had been dreaming up ever since I got my horse earlier this year. I thought he would make such a lovely little India pony. Somehow I convinced my kids and some client’s kids that they should all be Native Americans for Halloween as well! It was a lot of work, from location scouting, to getting an amazing face/body painter for the kids and horses, to hauling the horses over and hand making all of the little feathers and accessories – but so very worth it. There are some other amazing Halloween Costume shots over at www.rocktheshotforum.com – go check them out! And look for many more images from this fun shoot coming soon! Or check out many that have already been posted on my FB page! Thanks for stopping by!

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Rock the Shot

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