Fine Art Photography for your home or business now available! {Orange County Landscape Photography}

If things have been quiet on this blog the last month or so, it isn’t because I haven’t been busy shooting! Rather, I have been super busy embarking on a new grand adventure that I didn’t really know I would be pursuing a month ago. It all started at WPPI – the annual photography convention I attend annually in Las Vegas. I always look forward to spending a week with my photography friends, learning new skills to improve my shooting and editing and my business, and staying on top of the trends in products to offer, etc. And I always come back excited and enthusiastic about the new things I want to implement. This year things took an unexpected detour however. After spending the majority of my trade show time in the Canon Professional Services lounge, where they offered a free large format print to anyone who was a CPS member (and kindly printed over a dozen for me) and then attending a class with a Fine Art Photographer who looked at my work and encouraged me to delve into the realm of Fine Art Photography and offered to be a mentor….I have decided to make a go at expanding my offerings into the Fine Art and stock photography world.

I have always enjoyed capturing whatever beauty I see in the world around me. Everywhere I go, I am looking at the world through the lens of a photographer – how beautiful and soft and warm the light is here, or how gorgeous the catchlights are in my child’s eyes in the open shade of the playground, or what a striking composition that lone tree makes against the colorful skyline. So often I wish that I had a camera to capture what my mind’s eye sees so I can keep the beauty of the image forever. And when I travel, I do often have my camera with me, and I love to try out new techniques of landscape photography, which are so very different from how I capture people. So I have a bit of a collection from the last couple of years, most of which has graced our walls (oh the things I could do with just a little more wall space!), littered my FB page and taken up many GB of space on my computer. I’ve made some into gifts for others, and had requests to make prints of different images over time, but have always been hesitant to really offer these “babies” of mine to the public, because….well, I’m a portrait photographer, and why would anyone else really want my travel snapshots?  So I’ve been a bit hesitant, but with the encouragement of the kind folks at Canon and Michael Gilbert, the amazingly successful Fine Art Photographer, I’m going to put myself out there. While I don’t have a website up yet , I do have a gallery of images that can be purchased – pretty much all of the products I offer to my portrait and wedding clients  – prints, canvases, acrylics, albums and digital files. And a new way to display images – backlit prints that have their own light from within!

This certainly doesn’t mean I’m putting any sort of an end to my client or portrait work though! I still have exciting new changes and specials just on the horizon for that as well, with new branding, a new website, and new product offerings! So stay tuned!In the meanwhile, enjoy some of the images I’ve taken from around town and on recent travels with my family. And if you’d like to purchase some for display in your home or business, for your walls or website, or even just a screensaver for your computer – take a look at the GALLERY HERE. Thanks so much for all of your support!

Fine Art Photography-7


Fine Art Photography-9

Fine Art Photography-19

Fine Art Photography-1

Fine Art Photography-23

Fine Art Photography-15

Fine Art Photography-20

Fine Art Photography-22

Fine Art Photography-14

Fine Art Photography-17

Fine Art Photography-12

Fine Art Photography-6

Fine Art Photography-3

Fine Art Photography-2

Fine Art Photography-4


Fine Art Photography-5Fine Art Photography-8


Fine Art Photography-10Fine Art Photography-21

Fine Art Photography-18

These pieces of art can be printed on all kinds of medium, including canvas and canvas gallery wraps which are printed directly on museum quality canvas using high quality archival inks; gorgeous metallic photo paper which can be mounted on standout, framed or covered with acrylic for a gorgeous modern look; and high quality fine art paper with a rich, luxurious feel. These images will look stunning  displayed in your home or office.

Fine Art Paintings and prints-6


Fine Art Paintings and prints-5Fine Art Paintings and prints-4




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